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Onlinetestexam.com is the platform that brings comprehensive solutions for all those who are planning for government and private jobs and want to make a bright career by getting desired job. The idea behind this platform is unique and something that is first of its kind in India. All inclusive solutions ranging from government exams practice questions, latest job notifications, access to knowledge center to tips for preparation, latest education affairs, registration allowance to all the students are here at Online Test Exam.

We are dedicated to making way to government jobs easy for all the enthusiastic aspirants. At onlinetestexam.com, there is no restriction for student enrollment, unlike other platforms where only the students enrolled with a particular organization can register. This platform allows all dedicated students who are preparing for getting desired job to register and take the tests. This allows them with the idea of desired preparation so that they can focus on weak sections and full proof their preparation.

What makes us different?

  • Enrollment allowance to all the students without any condition of being part of a particular organization.
  • Institute registration allowing institutes to provide their students with online test series with the assurance of security of data from third parties.
  • Corporate registration where organizations can search for professionals having desired set of skills and knowledge by taking requirement specific tests

Why onlinetestexam.com?

There are number of options offered by our platform that makes it the top choice for job-seeking students and job giving corporates:

  • Wide range practice test sets covering several government job exams such as SSC, Railway, IBPS etc.
  • Institutes can provide practice test to their students after taking the membership. Access to these practice sets will be given to their students based on institute specific login credentials.
  • Corporates can test for the potential candidates using their preferred set of questions after becoming member with onlinetestexam.com
  • All the database of institutes is kept safe and secure and not shared with the third parties. They can conduct online test through our platform with the assurance of information being safe and free from unauthorized access
  • General test questions of the portal are available to all students that they can access after registering on the platform
  • Availability of all the recent job updates, practice material, preparation tips, course material etc., all at a single place allowing complete preparation of students without any hassle

There are test questions that are level based on courses, exams, level of preparation etc. Students can get access to free set of questions and can also attempt the paid tests to check the preparation level making it full proof.

The wide range of categories, locations, qualifications and institutes, and corporates are the key features of onlinetestexam.com making it a unique platform where one can get all the desired solutions for job without wandering here and there.

So just register yourself at onlinetestexam.com and get access to all the desired information helpful in preparing for the exams. You can stay updated with the latest notifications and make yourself ready for the job with thorough preparation.


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